Episode 12: Salvation & Knowing Jesus

Continuing conversation arc around The Gospel and Salvation, today we’re going to finish up our conversation about salvation. If you are just joining the Podcast for this episode, you may want to start at episode 9: The Gospel & the Gospels for the beginning of this arc.

New Perspective on Paul defined, a new perspective on Paul's letters in the bible and how they've been read since the Reformation.
A quick background on why the Reformation was important, to correct the corruption at that time, an example of this being indulgences. Martin Luther also focused justification by faith alone (sola fide), faith being not earned by works, but given freely by God, once we believe.
Pendulums can swing too far, when a good correction happens. It's important for us to sit in tension in the midst of truth.

NT Wright: 
"We must stop giving 19th- century answers to 16th-century questions and start asking 21st-century questions listening for 1st-century answers."

“Each generation has to wrestle afresh with the question of Jesus, not least its biblical roots if it is to be truly the church at all."

Good news: the New Perspective starts with God and the world, instead of me. We're starting to hear sermons (Mike Erre from Vox OC & John Mark Comer from Bridgetown Church in Portland)
In Act 17:16-34, Paul gives a speech on God as creator, instead of salvation for individual sins.

See this pic of the firmament:


Firmament description, why it's exciting, and how Genesis 1 comes alive when we read the bible the way the authors viewed it. An article from Rick Watts:http://www.asa3.org/ASA/topics/Bible-Science/6-02Watts.html

Knowing (Hebrew): "Yada" in Hebrew means "knowing" but in an intimate sense, not just intellectually.

When we talk about "Salvation" we're talking about relationship, that we're in a vulnerable standing with another person (a human being, or with God).

Embodied participation is included in this relationship. Embodiment: our bodies matter, and we live out our salvation with our bodies.
Focusing, praying, committing, repenting in a way that includes our body in relationship with God.

Gospel: that God is redeeming the Earth and all of Creation, and SALVATION is our RESPONSE to the Gospel.

We answered our first LISTENER SUBMITTED QUESTION (yea!) about therapy, and how to search for a Christian therapist.

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