Episode 8: Shame & Love

Continuing conversation about how we experience Shame in our lives, how it effects our perspective of how we're loved by others, and how any shame we experience is NOT truth. Brandon explores scripture and the biblical narrative of shame, starting with Genesis 3 ending with Revelation 21 about how shame is something that God of the Hebrew Bible, and Jesus of the Gospels saw in people, and sought to love us in a way that helped us fight it.  Jesus came to set us free to the original "nakedness", our ability to be vulnerable without fear and shame.

"Shame" in the bible is often explained as "covered" in shame.  It's something that we feel at our root that we don't belong in relationship, and can lean into other behaviors or postures, some that are hedonistic, some that are moralistic (rigid religiosity, addiction, pornography, etc.). 

Guilt or conviction are good motivators for transformation, but shame is not. If you're experiencing shame, it's not the voice of Jesus.  

The Desire Line: Out of our deep desire for him, we're walking towards Him--maybe not in the way that we've always been taught.  

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Susette Magana